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Dogs pee can cause brown or yellow round patches to appear on your lawn. It's not the males that cause the damage, it's the bitches. As soon as the dog has had a pee chuck a bucket of water over the area to dilute and wash it away. If it's a stray dog peeing on your lawn then chuck a bucket of water over the dog too! This will make it think twice about returning. If you do have patches already, then your best bet is to dig out the area and re fill with new soil & re-turf or re-seed.

PREVENTION : It's up to you to keep dogs out of your own property, so make sure the garden is fenced off.  If you have a problem with stray dogs then get  in touch with the local dog warden. Your local council will help you get hold of the warden. If it's your own pet that is causing damage then simply get her to pee somewhere else.

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