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Cats can be a problem in the garden, leaving their poo in the borders ready to surprise you when you do a bit of hand weeding. When digging they damage your small tender plants & seedlings.  Here are a few tips on deterring cats from your garden.
 The Bottle Trick
Ever wondered why people put bottles on there  lawns? You may have been told its to keep cats away and its true. But does it work and how? First of all we must half fill a clear plastic bottle with water  .( Its very important to fill half full of water. ) Put lid on and place in the middle of the lawn. If you have a big lawn then put a few about. Leave out and see if it works! Cats are suppose  to be scared away by the bottle, but how you ask? It works best at night and if there a breeze. Take a light say from a street lamp, car or one of your windows. This light travels through the bottle and the water which is then reflected away like laser beams in different directions giving off little flashes. The cat sees these flashes and Zap! He's away. There you have it so go out and try it out on your lawn.
 Spice Cats
Purchase some dry grounded chilly peppers, or ground some yourself and sprinkle over the area were you wish to keep cats off. Eastern and Persian cats maybe immune !
 Prickly Solution
Keep cats off the borders by gathering fallen holly leaves and keep hawthorn cuttings from summer and spread them around the plants and borders.

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