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It can be expensive to have your mower serviced but to be honest most servicing can be done by yourself. Cylinder mower blades and badly chipped and damaged rotary blades need to be sharpened professionally.
 Electric Mowers
Before you start cleaning make sure its unplugged from the mains. Remove all grass and soil from underside that's caked-on using a scraper. Check plastic casing for cracks and damage. Any doubts on doing it yourself then have it serviced professionally.

Petrol Mower   
 start your mower and run the fuel down. Once fuel tank is empty remove spark plug lead. Remove spark plug and clean , its as cheap to just replace old spark plug with a new one. Remove the old oil from the engine by the drain plug. Remove the air filter and give a good clean ,remove grass and dust ,I use a tooth brush to do that. Remove all grass and soil from the rollers, blades and grass box.
Turn upside down the mower to clean the underside. Use a scraper and wire brush. Be careful of the blades. It maybe best if you can to remove the blades first. Check for cracks on the casing of the mower. Check to see if the throttle and clutch cables are not worn, put a little 3 in one oil on a rag and wipe the cables.
 Topping up with oil

Once your machine is clean and the right way up then fill the mower up with new oil making sure its at the correct level. If you are in any doubt about servicing your mower then have it serviced by the professionals.

To keep your blades in tip top condition remove any dirt and rust using a wire brush then wipe them over with an oily rag.( 3-1 oil).


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