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 Frequent mowing  
Frequent mowing encourages dense growth, so mow once a week when grass is growing strong. Don't mow grass if it's growing slow maybe due to a drought for example. Don't cut your lawn to short; about half an inch is fine if you have a very flat fine lawn. This is common mistake lawn owners make, wanting it as low as possible so it wont need cutting for a few weeks or more.

If you want a weed free green lawn then cut the lawn often and not to low. A lawn that sees a lot of traffic on it, like children playing then this should be cut at no less than one inch. When your grass is growing rapidly in summer try to rake the lawn once a month. This will bring out thatch and dead moss, which if left builds up and you find you have brown patches on your lawn.

 Top dressing in spring
with horticultural sand will aid fertility, help decomposition of thatch and also improve the structure of the soil. There is no need to use a fertiliser if you cut the grass regularly. Leave the grass box off the mower; the grass clippings left on the lawn will feed it. If at the time weeds are flowering then use the mower with the grass box on to prevent the spread of weeds.
If your lawn is infested with weeds and not much grass, then the best thing to do is start again. Cut out all the old grass lawn and re-turf or seed. The best time to do this is in late summer or early autumn while the soil is warm and rain is about more often. These are ideal conditions for your new lawn to get established.
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