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Perennial weeds are best dug up, as they are difficult to control by other methods. Perennial weeds tend to spread by their creeping stems or roots and fragments of root. So make sure you dig up all roots, leave one little slice of root and your weed will be back.

 Hoeing & hand weeding
Regular hoeing and hand weeding can control most weeds. Hoeing is a very effective method of dealing with annual weeds. You should hoe as soon as you see the weeds surfacing above the soil. Push your hoe just below the soil level to sever the weeds. Try to hoe when the ground is dry so weed seeds if brought to the surface wont germinate.
Mulching can suppress annual weeds and conserves soil moisture. The perennial weeds will still come through the mulch, so need to be dug out by the roots. You can use well rotted compost , grass cuttings as long as the lawn they came from is weed free. Also use de-composed wood chippings and coco shells.
 Ground cover
Planting ground covering plants is one way of cutting down the amount of weeding. But before planting, all perennial weeds need to be removed. Remember having ground cover doesn't mean you will always have a weed free area, but it will be easier to maintain.

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