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This weed has a long taproot, up to 6 inches long or more. If left to seed it can reproduce over 5,000 new dandelions from its seeds. The roots need to be dug out fully. If any part of the root is left it will produce a new plant. Hoeing this weed will not get rid of it.

 Hedge bindweed

This bindweed tends not to root as deep as the field bindweed. It likes to creep long distance above and below the ground. The roots need to be dug out. If a piece of the weeds root is left, it will grow into a new weed.
 Creeping buttercup
With its vigorous stems creeping across the ground it produces many new plants. Dig out the weed and put down some mulch.
Hoe the seedlings as soon as they appear. This weed can spread seeds that can survive in the soil for up to 40 years and the seeds can germinate at any time of the ear. If the weed is already established then the whole weed needs to be dug up.

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