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     September - Jobs to do in the garden - Diary - Planner                          

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 Start planting bulbs for spring
You can plant bulbs this month for a colourful winter & spring. Bulbs include: Narcissus , Daffodils to me and you! Tulips, snowdrops, crocus , lilies and iris. Do it now then it's out the way.   Buy plant bulbs online here...
 Start tidying up for winter
September is a good time to start tidying up for winter. Debris such as plants that have died back can be picked up and disposed of. It's also a great month for collecting seeds. Condition your soil by digging it over and adding manure at the same time.
 Potted Azaleas
Your potted Azaleas will need to be brought indoors sometime this month ready for the winter.
 Take cuttings
Take cuttings this month from: Lavender, Penstemons, heather, fuchsias, hydrangeas, rose, clematis, buddleia, alpines, ceanothus and bedding geraniums. To take cuttings pull off side shoots with heels, remove the lower leaves and then place in compost.
 Sowing your seeds
Next years spring flowering seeds should be sown this month. Sow Greenhouse annuals, Sweet peas and Hardy annuals. Growing from seed...
Cut back flowers of Hydrangeas by cutting back to a healthy pair of leaves.
 Fruit Trees
If you have fruit trees then now is the time to put a Grease band around them to stop pests from crawling up and destroying the fruit.
Plant thyme and rue, also sow the seeds of angelica and lovage in the garden.
 More jobs that need doing this month
Remove early cyclamen flowers / Dry off your begonias / lift gladioli / prune back rampant climbers / Clear away annuals that have finished flowering / Plant perennials, shrubs and trees apart from conifers.  
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