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     November - Jobs to do in the garden - Diary - Planner                          

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 What to Plant This Month:
As long as the ground is not to waterlogged or frozen you can plant herbaceous perennials, shrubs, deciduous trees roses and fruit trees. Finish planting pansies, wallflowers, forget-me-nots and Primulas, they need to be in by early November. Also plant tulip bulbs in containers indoors or outdoors.  Buy plants online here...
 Perennial Division
Perennials that are over a few years old or are causing congestion within the border can be lifted and divided. When dividing, replant the outer divisions and throw away the middle part. How to divide a plant...
 Clear borders of Leaves
Fallen leaves within plants provide a great hiding place for slugs and snails. So if you don't want your plants eaten by these critters remove them leaves from the plant borders.
 Protect perennials, shrubs & evergreens

Although most perennial plants are hardy when it comes to cold and frosty weather some are not including shrubs and evergreens. Frost on the ground can kill them. To make sure they survive place a good two inch mulch around the base to protect the crowns and roots. You can use straw, wood chip or even old carpet. Fuchsias and Ceanothus definitely need protection.

 Bring In Tender Plants
Tender plants such as Fuchsia, argyranthemums and geraniums need to be brought into the greenhouse before they are damaged by frost.
 Machinery & Tools
With November's temperatures dropping grass growth rate slows down. So with not much mowing to do it's the ideal time to get the mower cleaned and serviced. At the same time why not clean, oil and sharpen them garden tools like the spade and hoe. DIY Lawnmower servicing....    tool care...
 Windy weather maybe on it's way so get staking
Check that climbers, tall plants & young trees are secure to fixings such as trellising, stakes and canes. If found loose re-tighten. Also check that structures within the garden such as arches, pergolas, and fencing are in good condition. If any are found to be weak either repair or replace.
Collect and dispose of all fallen rose leaves, especially those that are diseased and infected with a fungus such as Black spot. DO NOT place rose leaves on the compost heap. Bin them or burn them! Prune tall roses by one third to avoid wind rock damage.
 Take Hardwood & Root Cuttings
Hardwood cuttings can be taken from: Buddleia, forsythia and shrub roses. Take Root cuttings from: Phlox, Echinops, oriental poppy, romneya and anchusa.
 Lift & Store Dahlias
Cut the stem down to a few inches above soil level. Lift out the tuber and wash off the soil. Leave the tubers to dry off and dust with sulphur. Now place tubers in a box covered over with a non-peat based (dry) compost. The box then needs to be placed in a cool frost-free site such as the shed or garage.
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