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 Plant bedding plants out
In the last week of May as long as there is no forecast of frost, you can start planting your summer bedding out that you have just purchased from the garden centre. An hour before planting water the plants in their containers and remember to water after planting. If you have grown bedding plants from seed in the greenhouse then slowly harden them off before planting.

Keep weeding by hoeing or hand weeding with a trowel.  Methods of controlling weeds...

After Flowering dig up & divide Primulas.
 Flowering Currants (Ribes) & Forsythia
Flowering currant and forsythia shrubs can be pruned as soon as they have finished flowering. With both these shrubs you should Remove one -third of the oldest flowering stems. If your shrubs are very old you can rejuvenate them by cutting them back to nearly ground level, but it could take several seasons for them to flower again.
 Pinching Out Your Fuchsia
Pinching out the tips of your fuchsia will encourage it to become more bushier.
For each tip you take off two side shoots will develop and in turn will produce flowers.
 Stake herbaceous perennials
Tall growing plants such as Delphinium, Lupin and monkshood need a frame work of canes and string around then to help prevent them been damaged by winds. May can be a very stormy month.
 Hanging baskets

Plant up hanging baskets in the greenhouse. Give shrubs, trees, and borders some compost.
How to create a hanging basket Click Here

Keep bugs away with a regular check and a systemic insecticide spray.
 This month you can plant:
Gladioli bulbs, Dahlia tubers, sweet peas & tomatoes.   Buy plants online here...        
 Apply weed killer
Apply weed killer to paths and drive ways during dry weather.
Trim winter flowering heathers with the shears.
 Take cuttings
Take cuttings from fuchsias, geraniums and other tender plants.
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