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 Divide Perennials & re-plant
March is a good time to divide and re-plant your perennials like hardy geraniums, Crocosmia (montbretia) hostas, solidago (Golden rod) Astilbe & peonies. Snow drops can be divided too.
 Dahlia Cuttings
Start taking  cuttings of dahlia and outdoor Chrysanthemums this month.
Prune back large flowered clematis, roses & early flowering shrubs.
 The Pond
Check your pond for debris, such as dead fallen leaves and clear them out. Take out over crowded water lilies, split, divide & re-pot.
 Move your shrub, tree or perennial plants

If you have a small shrub or tree and wish it was somewhere else in the garden, then move it. Try and keep as much soil intact with the roots when digging it out. Place it on a plastic sheet which makes it easy to drag it to its new position. Put some well rotted compost into the new planting hole before you place the shrub or tree in. How to plant a tree...

 Slugs & snails

Slugs & snails will be slipping out at night as the temperature rises, nibbling at them nice new plant shoots. So keep your eye out for them. Get some slug pellets down as soon as new shoots appear, especially hostas. Click here for other methods on how to deter on slug & snail control
 Keep Planting
Plant early flowering shrubs, Gladiolus bulbs, potatoes, onion sets. If your planting perennial plants don't spread then out here and there, plant them into groups for a more effective display. Buy plants & bulbs online here...
Tidy your borders & feed
If you haven't already done so, then clear away any debris from the borders, turn the soil (avoiding new spring flowering bulbs) and add some compost or fertiliser.
Sometime this month spray & feed your roses to help then get off to a good start & to prevent pests.
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