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 Divide Irises
After flowering you can split and divide over crowded clumps of irises. Cut leaves back to about 9 inches in length so as to avoid the roots been loosened by the wind.
 Lift Spring Bulbs
Move your spring bulbs to make room for bedding plants. Place the bulbs in a temporary plot and let them die back naturally. After flowering , spring bulbs carry on growing for up to 8 weeks.
 Stake & support tall plants
Any Tall growing plants such as Delphinium, Lupin, poppies and Climbers need a frame work or canes and string around then to help prevent them been damaged by winds.
 This month you can plant
Get planting your summer bedding plants such as: busy Lizzie, Tobacco plants, marigolds, pansies, lobelia and stocks. An hour before planting give the plants a good soaking of water and the ground your to plant them in too. If it's a sunny day then try and plant them in the late afternoon or early evening. Don't forget to water well again after planting. Buy plants online here...
 After Flowering you can prune the following
After Flowering you can prune the following: Forsythia, Pieris, weigela, berberis, philadelphus (mock orange).
 Sweet Peas
Add a mulch to the base of your sweet peas. Remove the tendrils and pinch out side shoots.
Feed each week to encourage flowers and healthy growth.
 Keep weeding
Keep weeding by hoeing or hand weeding with a trowel.  Methods of controlling weeds...
Keep a close eye on your roses for insects and disease. If there is any signs of your roses being attacked then take action now by treating them with a systemic insecticide or fungicide.
 Lupins and Delphiniums
Dead head fading flower heads of Lupins & delphiniums to encourage a second flush of flowers in July or August.
 Other jobs to do in your garden this month
Dig up and divide Primulas-sow biennial seeds, winter flowering pansies and turnips. Trim alpine plants & take cuttings - prick out alyssums & aubrietias - stop out-door vines - plant leeks, cabbages, marrows & celery,  pick tomatoes & gooseberries - Apple trees that have suffered from mildew or scab need to be sprayed each fortnight.  
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