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 Collect herbs
Collect herbs now for drying   Collect herbs from the garden to dry for winter. Tie then together in bunches and hang them upside down in a cool and airy place. Note: don't hang them in direct sunlight.
 Trim hedges
Trim your privet hedge on a regular basis. Don't let it get to long and out of control. Frequently trimming your hedge will create a good dense growth.  Buy hedge trimmers online here...
After the first flush of flowers give your roses some fertiliser or some organic fertiliser. Doing this will help your roses produce a good second flush in late summer. Remember to keep removing faded flowers.
 Take cuttings from plants & Shrubs
Dianthus species plants such as 'pinks' can be increased by taking cuttings this month.
Also take cuttings from argyranthemums, hydrangeas, pelargoniums,
osteospermums and from non-flowering shoots of Shrubs that have finished flowering such as ceonothus, philadelphus, forsythia, flowering current,
escallonia, weigela and lavender.

It's very important at this time of year to water and feed your camellias if you wish for them to produce a good show of flowers next year.

Spray your gooseberries with an insecticide to keep caterpillars, greenfly and other insects at bay.
Remove fading flower heads from Delphiniums to encourage a second flush of flowers.
Begin to feed dahlias this month. When you use a fertiliser make sure you keep it away from the stems of the plant. Dahlias love moisture so put a mulch of grass cuttings or garden compost around the base. Tall varieties need to be staked.
Feed your chrysanthemums this month with a fertiliser that is rich in potash. Sprinkle the fertiliser around the plants then hoe in. finally if the ground is dry make sure you water the area well.
 Keep weeding
Keep weeding by hoeing or hand weeding with a trowel.  Methods of controlling weeds...
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