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      How to plant a tree               

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Ideally the best time to plant is in spring and Autumn. Planting at these times gives a young tree time to acclimatise and root out ready for the elements of winter and dryness of summer. Positioning all depends on type of tree you have purchased. Buy a tree which has a information label attached to it.

Doc'  &  'Digger'

What you need: Tree - Spade - Wooden stake - Tree tie - Fertiliser - Small bag of mulch.
 Step 1    Step 2

Dig a hole the same depth as the root ball and twice as wide.

Hammer a stake into the hole slightly to one side, Making sure it's straight

 Step 3    Step 4

Add some fertiliser pellets with a small amount of soil to the base of the hole.

Remove the tree from it's pot. Loosen some of the compact roots. Then position the root ball in the hole.



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