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     How to be a gardener                             

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Anyone can become a gardener and create a great looking garden, you don't need to be an expert or be able to pronounce big Latin words.  I have  picked up all that I know from other gardeners over the years, and of course reading books and magazines. My garden here in Yorkshire, six years ago was just three foot grass. I cut the grass down and moved out the rubbish left by the last owners and then dug out my first border, put some plants in it, watched them grow, put another border in and it went on from there.
I design gardens as I go along. The problem with designs on paper is that they look good on paper but they don't always look right when you have completed your landscaping. I prefer to spend some time just looking at the virgin space with a cup of Yorkshire tea and letting my mind imagine what would look good here and there. Designing your garden is like an artist would create a painting on a blank canvas. I created my garden the same way. I started furthest away from the house as an artist would start with the painting of the sky and eventually finished near the patio, the foreground. I believe that a big secret in having an eye catching garden is to create a garden that doesn't lead your eyes straight to the far end of the garden too quickly. Again like an interesting painting, your eyes drift from once side to another then up a bit and so on , eventually reaching the horizon or a focal point. Put this same method into gardening and you can expect a masterpiece. If your not artistic and clever at designing your dream garden then call in the professional garden designers!

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There are rules when planting but again just do what I have always done. If I buy some plants and think they would look good in a certain spot, then I plant them. If they don't grow to well then I dig them up and move them. I am forever moving plants around and if a plant is doing well then I leave it alone. You learn by your mistakes!  Happy gardening, Dave Thompson,   Doc' Greenfingers          

                                                                 Take a look at my garden and it's plants here...     

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