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One of the best Foliage plants that loves shade and moist ground is the Hosta. The leaves can be plain green, variegated, blue or grey. Their leaves can be small, large, heart shaped, crinkled and textured. A great plant for ground cover and a plant that goes together so well with others.

Hostas are planted for their foliage but some can produce some excellent blooms. They are ideal for shaded areas and moist, damp ground. Some hostas can actually survive in full sun but its best to have a compost mulch around the plant to help retain moisture. A feed in spring of fish, blood and bone meal will get your plants off to a good start. Garden pests such as slugs and snails can leave the leaves looking shredded and even no leaves at all!  A sprinkle of animal friendly slug pellets will sort them out. Another pest your plant may encounter is the Vine weevil's grubs. The grubs will eat the roots and cause much damage to the plant. Keep an eye open particularly if you have potted hostas.
Hostas can be divided very easily in early spring or as soon as the new shoots are starting to show signs of growth. If you grow them in pots always make sure they get watered once the soil dries the plant will soon die. They look great planted with Astilbes, candelabra primulas, Alchemilla mollis, ferns and grass's. I have a Hosta fortunei albo-picta at the base of my Acer palmatum tree near the pond and it looks great.
Other varieties of Hosta include; Love Pat, Hadspen blue, Royal standard, Blue skies, Frances Williams, Golden Tiara, Wide Brim, Gold Standard, Ventiscosa var aureomaculta, Piedmont Gold, Honeybells, Hosta Halcyon and Shade Fanfare.


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