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Geraniums should not be confused with Pelargoniums. Hardy Geraniums are one of the easiest, disease free and attractive herbaceous and rock plants there is.
They require little attention. Most prefer neutral to alkaline soil and many will thrive in quite stony ground, though clay may prove difficult (isn't it always?). Some have autumn leaf colouring (e.g. the psilostemons) while a few are evergreen (e.g. G. renardii). Many of the more tender species will thrive in sheltered positions in southern gardens, (e.g. G maderense and G canarense but there are plenty of hardy varieties for northern gardeners. While some enjoy a sunny position (G dalmaticum, G tuberosum, Kashmire White and Kashmire Purple for instance) many are lovers of full or partial shade making them useful for planting under trees or north-facing walls. Many form large clumps which are easily split, and some such as G. versicolour and G. maderense will seed freely, sometimes producing new varieties.


G. cinerium 'Ballerina'


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