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     February - Jobs to do in the garden - Diary - Planner                          

Operating Theatre
 Did your Ice plant (sedum spectabile) flop this year?
Every so often a plant decides that it cannot support it's long stems, so it flops outwards. This leaves your plant looking rather ugly. To avoid this next season, dig him up and replant about six plants in the same spot ,but add some compost first . Next Autumn you will have a plant on the same scale as the last and one that stays upright.
 Clear Snow
Brush heavy snow off  trees shrubs and conifers with a broom to prevent branches getting damaged.
 Split & Divide Perennials
Dig up, divide and re-plant perennial plants that have been undisturbed for a few years . This will encourage healthy growth and encourage them to produce more and better blooms.  
 Get Planting
It may be getting cold in the air, but the soil is still retaining some warmth. So it's a good time to plant that hedge you have always wanted or shrubs and trees. Get rid of your old roses and replace with new. The warmth in the soil means good strong root growth , so get them in now before heavy snow comes along and the soil freezes.
You can plant out now, camellias, azaleas, conifers, shrubs, roses, rhododendrons, trees, plants and trees on display outside at garden centres are usually ones you can plant now, but its always best to check a member of staff.
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 Propagation Preparation - Before it's time to sow
By now you will be itching to get sowing seeds, and getting stuck into the greenhouse and the garden.  Well, patience is a virtue!  It won’t be long before you are starting off your sweet peas, and broad beans, but for now, preparation is the key!!!  Click here to view full feature
 Thinking of seeding a new lawn in spring?
If you're thinking of seeding a new lawn in spring then you need to be preparing the ground now. Dig the area over making sure you remove all perennial weeds. Leave the soil clumpy and rough as the weather will break this down.
 Scarify- Spike  the lawn
Unless your lawn is very new, scarify and spike now. Clear any leaves off, as in damp weather, they can harbour fungus underneath, and you end up with a yellow lawn.
Prune vines while they are still dormant. Cut off last years canes which fruited and tie down the new ones.
 Move potted shrubs into greenhouse
Shrubs in containers can suffer from root death and dehydration in freezing weather. Move them into a unheated greenhouse.
 Take cuttings
Propagate shrubs & perennials by taking hardwood or root cuttings.
 Mushrooms and toad stools on the lawn
Mushrooms and toad stools are a pest, some gardeners say. Saying that, some gardeners like to see them. If you don't want them, brush them off or use the mower. However,  leave them and bring a bit of magic to you're garden, you may even see a fairy!
 The Pond
Clear out all fallen leafs and twigs. Place thin netting over pond if possible . If leaves are left to rot in the pond, dangerous gases build up and could kill any fish you have. Remove pumps ,fountains and filters and give them a good clean, then put away till next year. Put a ball in the pond, this leaves an open area on the surface so gases can escape if the pond gets iced up for sometime. Also fish can get oxygen.
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