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     December - Jobs to do in the garden - Diary - Planner                          

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 Give the borders Mulch
Borders need some kind of mulch, use leaf mould, compost or well rotted manure. Whatever you choose to use you need to be putting a layer at least two inches thick. So simply spread it all over the boarder two inches thick that will do fine. By doing this you are putting nutrients back into the soil which plants feed on and you also increase the temperature of the soil which helps protect plant roots over winter.
 Tender plants need protection  
Plants such as Cordyline's and Fuchsias should be kept out of the frost, so bring them into the green house or conservatory.
 Clear Flower borders of debris 
Remove all debris from flower borders. Dig out annuals and turn over the soil as you go. Cut perennials back down to ground level.
 Brush heavy snow off trees
Brush heavy snow off trees shrubs and conifers with a broom to prevent branches getting damaged.
 Move potted shrubs into greenhouse
Shrubs in containers can suffer from root death and dehydration in freezing weather. Move them into a unheated greenhouse.
 Plant Hedging, Trees & Shrubs
It's a good time to plant that hedge you have always wanted or shrubs and trees. Get rid of your old roses and replace with new. Get them in now before heavy snow comes along and the soil freezes. Plants and trees on display outside at garden centres are usually ones you can plant now, but its always best to check a member of staff.  Buy Hedging, trees & plants online here...
 Warning !  High winds = Broken Fences
At this time of year strong winds are expected so Archways, Fence posts and Panels need to be secure including young trees. Young trees should be staked. Also check climbing plants are fastened back.
 More jobs that need doing this month
Order flower seeds / Clean the greenhouse / Take carnation cuttings / Prune outdoor vines
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