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 Herbs - Trimming - Take cuttings
When lavender has finished flowering they can be cut back. This will encourage the lavender to bush out with new growth. If you don't do this then your plant could end up looking woody and bare next year. Take cuttings this month of shrubby herbs and tender perennials , lavender, sage, rosemary, curry plant, hyssop, and rue.
 Prune Apple Tree's 
All long side shoots growing directly from the main branches can be cut back to about 6 inches. Any shorter shoots can be cut back to about 1 inch.
Remove rose suckers that appear around the base. Stop feeding now. Cut them off as close as possible to the rootstocks below the soil. Take cuttings from healthy stems. New shoots of climbing roses should be tied back. This is will prevent them being damaged by wind and heavy rain. Continue to remove faded flowers. If you have a Rambler rose in your garden, then this can now be pruned after flowering.
 Make Compost:
At this time of year and onwards you should have plenty of green garden waste. Put this waste to good use, make a compost heap or use a compost bin. After each layer of waste you put on the compost heap soak it with water then add a proprietary accelerator. You can also use sulphate of ammonia. Every two weeks turn the heap over with a fork making sure the un-rotted material on the outside is placed in the middle. Keep the compost heap well watered.  Buy a composter bin here...
 Laurel Hedges
Prune laurel hedges using Secatuers. Avoid using a hedge trimmer or shears as this leaves the laurel's foliage looking shabby.
 Prune Wisteria 
Shorten all long shoots, which are growing out from the main branches by cutting back to five or six leaves. Unwanted growth on wisteria can be removed to keep the climber under control.  
 Take cuttings
Take cuttings of  Fuchsias, argyranthemums, salvias, pelargoums & vebrenas.
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