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 Dead Heading
Remove all faded flowers from your daffodils, pansies & violas. Let your daffodils die back naturally so they put energy back into the bulbs. Next year your daffodils will produce a better display.
 Prune back forsythia
Once it has finished flowering.
You can also prune & trim : Spiraea, Buddleia,  Dogwoods (Cornus), Hardy Fuchsias, Cotoneasters, Potentilla, Mahonia, japonica. 
How to prune...  
 Divide Hostas & Snowdrops
Dig up and divide large clumps of hostas. Snowdrops can be divided and re-planted ready for next springs display.  How to divide a plant...
 What To Plant
This month plant biennials, sweet peas, dahlia tubers and Penstemons. NOTE! Most potted plants, trees, shrubs can be planted at just about anytime of the year. Although spring and Autumn are really the best times to plant . If you see something you like then buy it and plant it now. Buy a plant with an information tab and follow the instructions carefully.  Buy plants online here...
 Damaged Foliage
Remove any yellowing or damaged foliage from plants to prevent disease.
 Weed Control
Hand dig out weeds from your borders before they get out of control then you will only need to hoe occasionally throughout the season. To suppress weeds add a mulch to your borders or better still plant lots of ground cover plants such as ajuga reptan, hardy geraniums, hostas ,tiarella wherryi, pulmonaria saccharata and stachys byzantina.   Methods of controlling weeds...
 Prune Jasminum
Prune Jasminum nudiflorum and Ribes (flowering currant) after the flowers have faded.
Cut last years stems back by about half.
 Sowing Seeds
Sow half-hardy annual summer bedding plants.   How to grow from seed...
 Summer Hanging baskets
Start to make up your hanging baskets in the greenhouse this month.
How to create a hanging basket Click Here
 Stake your plants
Stake your plants  that will grow tall this spring and summer need staking to prevent being damaged or blown down by windy weather. Plants included are; Delphinium, Lupin,
Foxglove, monks hood and Oriental Poppies.
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