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Did you know that around  250,000 people are injured and between 50 to 60 are killed in their gardens each year? In this section I hope to help you prevent and avoid accidents to yourselves and others when gardening.

 Wear Protection       

Strimmers, mowers, hedge trimmers and other gardening equipment can cause serious and fatal injuries if your not wearing some kind of protective equipment and adequate clothing (not baggy clothing).  Strong foot wear such as steel capped boots should be worn when using a strimmer. Goggles will protect your eyes from flying debris.
If you use an electric mower to cut your lawn then always make sure the cable runs behind you. In no way should you cut towards the cable or use it  in rain or on wet grass.  It's  a good idea to use a 'Power Breaker' which plugs into your mains socket and reduces the risk of electrocution. Before cleaning or making adjustments to your mower always make sure it is switched off and unplugged from the mains supply. If you use a petrol mower you should always remove the spark plug cap. When using petrol driven mowers or refuelling NEVER SMOKE a cigarette,  just the fumes from petrol  can  ignite  into a fire ball.
 Lifting Heavy Objects  

Study the object first and if you think it looks to heavy then don't lift it yourself, find someone to help you lift it. Get yourself close to the object with your knees bent.  When you have a good grip start to lift using your legs. Keep your back straight and keep the object close to  your chest. Keep your back straight and the object close to your body.  To  put the object down just do the reverse.  
 Bamboo canes  
Bamboo canes in the garden are responsible for most injuries to the face and eyes so why not just save your plastic bottle tops, put  some play clay in them and then place on top of your canes.
 Ladders & Steps  
When using steps or ladders to trim the hedge or do some tree pruning always have another person to hold steady the steps or ladders.

Servicing your lawnmower

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