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 Transplanting Seedlings
Your seedlings have arrived and need to be transplanted into a new tray or pot to give them more space to grow. The first leaves that appear from your seedlings are the seed leaves, above them will develop a new set of leaves, these are the first true plant leaves. When your seedlings have developed their first true leaves then its time for you to prick the out. Its very important that great care is taken when lifting seedlings out with your fingers. Pick the seedling up by a seed leaf (The lower leaves) and not by the stem.  The stems are very delicate at this early stage in life, the smallest of pressure will destroy the seedling.
 'Pot on'
When the seedlings are starting to out grow their space, then you need to 'Pot on' move them to a more spacious environment. Don't be tempted to pot one young plant into a large plant pot expecting that he will love it there. Young plants prefer to grow in small pots rather than large pots.
 Harden off
Getting them ready for the outside world!
Indoor raised plants need to be acclimatised to the outside condition by being placed into a cold frame or cloche. We do this by gradually increasing ventilation each day and keeping it closed on nights for a while. Then if no signs of extreme freezing weather and frosts are likely to occur, we start to ventilate at night. Each night a little bit more ventilation is given until it is fully open.
 Planting out
Time for your teenage plants to leave home!
Once the weather has warmed up your garden and most of the frosts have passed, its time to plant out your teenage plants into their final home. Here they will grow into adult plants and hopefully display beautiful flowers in your garden.

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