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Visiting your Gardening Centre, nursery or Supermarket you can be faced with hundreds of seed packets , and if its going to be your first attempt at growing your own flowers or Vegetables it can be a nail biting time to decide which ones you should go for. You sometimes end up buying more than you really need.


Before buying seeds you first need to consider where your going to grow them. Have you a greenhouse or will you be growing them in your house on the window sill ? Its best just to purchase a few packets of seeds at first and that are of an easy growing variety. Once you've been successful in raising your seeds into seedlings and then into adults plants ,you can then get seeding again, this time choosing some different varieties and it won't be too long before your addicted to making babies!

Just remember that if you start with a tray full of seeds, when theses grow into seedlings they will need to be pricked out, and due to the space they need to grow it will mean you may end up with another two or three trays or lots of pots. Buy too many seed packets and your kitchen work surface or dining room table may just have to become a new home for your seed trays & plant pots!

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