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Biennials are sown in mid summer, but you will see no real flower displays until the following summer. Once biennials like foxglove , sweet William, wallflower and honesty have flowered they can be left to self-seed. In order to maintain a good display of flowers each summer you must sow seeds over two successive years to get the cycle going.

If you sow perennial seeds in the Autumn you should then have herbaceous perennials flowering from spring and into summer. You can sow perennial seeds in spring but its most likely that you wont see a display of flowers until the following spring and summer. Flowers include, Delphinium, lady's mantle, aquilegia and Papaver oriental ( Oriental Poppies).
 Half-hardy annuals

  Half hardy annuals can be sown in winter or early spring under some kind of protection like a greenhouse or in your home. As soon as there is no danger of any frosts the new plants can be planted out in the garden. Flowers include.
Impatiens (Busy lizzies), Nicotiana (Tobacco plant), French & African marigolds, Antirrhinum, stocks & Lobelia.
 Hardy annuals

Sow hardy annuals in spring or sow in the previous Autumn if you want them to get off to a good start. Sow them out-doors into the ground, but protect the area with a cloche and use slug pellets if need be. In early summer transfer the young plants to a permanent home in the garden, were you wish them to flower. Flowers include, Cornflower, poached egg plant, Pot marigold, candytuft and Love-lies-bleeding.
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