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One of the least grown Vegetables especially in the North of England, mainly its under rated and thought only fit for feeding to cattle, when grown correctly and cooked in the proper manner this is a vegetable that is very nourishing and high in iron, and makes  good winter & spring greens.  
Also it is immune to most of the disease that trouble many Brassicas including pigeons. It will stand a fair degree of frost and will tolerate conditions that would make most brassicas keel over. Choose a good variety there are Curly-leaf, Plain-leaved, Rape Kale, Leaf & Spear Varieties.
 Soil facts
Grow on open sites with moisture retentive, fertile soil, with high nitrogen levels, working in manure or compost. Don't plant on compacted soil.
 Sowing and planting
Kale is not fussy about soil like Cabbages or Cauliflower's, it will grow nearly on all soil as long as the drainage is satisfactory. Sow the seed in early to mid May, transplant out in June or July, one of the best sites on the Vegetable plot is where you grew your peas, early Potatoes or any summer crops. Don't dig, remove any weeds, work in a little general purpose fertiliser, or pelleted Chicken manure, Lime if the land is Acid, the ground should be firm at planting time, that's the only rule .
 Looking after the crop
Keep weeds down by hoeing, firm soil round the plants and water plants in dry weather, as winter approaches earth up plants to protect against frost and wind rock.
 Harvesting the crop
Leeks may be harvested 16-20 weeks after sowing, but they can stand for many months, and can be lifted when required, Leeks don't store well when out of the ground. If you need the ground you can dig them up and heel them in somewhere else till needed.





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