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      Growing Garlic                            

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Garlic plants grow up to 2ft tall with a spread of 6ins each clove planted produces a bulb of Garlic, there are pink and white skinned forms, and may be stored for year round supply. Garlic tolerates a wide range of temperatures but needs a period of   0-10c in winter.
 Soil Requirements
Garlic grows best in an open sunny position on light soil which does not have to be fertile, so don't grow it on freshly manured ground. Good drainage is vital, Garlic needs very low levels of Nitrogen.
Split into individual cloves at least in diameter, always use healthy stock. To grow large bulbs Garlic needs a long growing season, so if possible plant out in  Autumn ,    
( I plant mine 3rd week in September )  on  very cold area's and on very heavy soil, alternatively plant into modules and place in sheltered position to provide them with the necessary cold period, plant them in spring when they have sprouted.
Little attention is needed during growth other then keeping the beds free of weeds.
Garlic needs between  16 and 36 weeks to mature, depending on variety and when it has been planted. Uproot the plants as soon as the leaves have started to fade so the bulbs do not re-sprout. Dry them thoroughly, handling the bulbs carefully,  then hang in them in plats platting the dried foliage, or store in trays in dry conditions.





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