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The range of plants below are an attractive means of protecting your property, and are readily available from most Garden Centres and Nurseries. Consider planting a selection of these specially chosen plants as an alternative or in addition to fencing. As well as improving your security they will add colour and variety to your garden or business premises.
Prickly planting is a visual deterrent and physical barrier intended to complement and not replace traditional crime prevention measures such as locks, alarms and lighting. Home grown security can be adopted to protect perimeters of your property, to form a barrier around drainpipes, or beneath ground floor windows etc., making entry more difficult. For more information on door and window security contact your local crime prevention officer.

PYRACANTHA  Large evergreen shrubs suitable for wall training or hedge. White flowers. May-June followed by red, orange or yellow berries in Autumn. Thorny branches. Grows 2-4" tall.

HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES  Sea Buckthorn grows in any soil and is wind resistant with silver foliage and excellent thorns. This large shrub provides superb cover. Plant in groups of 3 to obtain berries.

BERBERIS OTTAWENSIS SUPERBA  Use as a hedge or an individual shrub. Deciduous barbed plant with beautiful purple foliage. Yellow flowers in Spring. Reaches 1.5-1.8m tall, allow two plants per metre.

BERBERIS STENOPHYLLA  Use as a hedge or shrub. Graceful evergreen with long arching prickly branches, masses of yellow flowers in Spring. Grows 1.8-2.5m tall, allow two plants per metre.

BERBERIS JULIANA  Prickly evergreen shrub with shiny dark leaves. Yellow flowers in Spring. Grows 1.2-1.8m tall.

ULEX EUROPAEUS   Common Gorse, viciously spiny. Yellow flowers April-May. Grows 1.2-1.8m tall. Plant in full sun.

MAHONIA BEALEI WINTER SUN  Prickly evergreen shrubs with fragrant yellow flowers in Winter and Spring. Grows 1.2-1.8m tall. Suitable for shade.

CRATAEGUS MONOGYNA  Common Hawthorn. Forms an impenetrable thorny hedge. Fast growing, wonderful sight in May and June with fragrant white flowers. Red haws in Autumn. Plant in staggered row 4 per metre. Prune to required height.

ILEX   Holly. Evergreen shrubs for hedging or individual shrub. Green or variegated available. Plant in sun or shade. Females produce berries when males present.

CLIMBING & RAMBLING ROSES  Useful to give added protection to walls and fences. Wide selection. Heights vary from 2.7m.

ROSA RUGOSA RUBRA-CRIMSON  Fragrant old fashioned rose - densely prickly for hedges or individual shrubs. Grows up to 2m tall. Red, white or purple flowers followed by hips in Autumn.

ROSA BLANC DOUBLE DE COUBERT - WHITE  Fragrant Old Fashioned Rose - densely prickly for hedges or individual shrubs up to 2m high.      


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